Friday, July 10, 2009

Beautiful Life Friday

It is cold, wet and VERY windy here at the moment, so we have spent a lot of time inside. Not so flash for a 4 and 2 yo, their Dad on night shift, the ran-out-of-ideas-two-days-ago mummy or the poor harassed dog.

Solution - get out some craft paint and let htme get into it!

Miss Sunshine did start out with a paint brush, but finger painting is much more appealing!

So, a mid-day bath and a lot of table scrubbing later, we are all a lot more satisfied.

And this picture makes me smile a whole lot :)

Hope you also had a beautiful day today.

xx Romana

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Brenda said...

Oh, it made me smile too! My daughters are in their thirties now. But I so remember those days you're referring to!

Teresa said...

I think I need some finger paints- looks like lots of fun =)
Plus today is one of those days!

Anonymous said...

How fun, finger painting is a must!! She is so cute.

count it all joy said...

I laughed out loud when I saw this photo. What fun! What a great Mum you are. Very cold and wet here in Sydney at the moment, so can understand those "inside" days with all the kids. Meredith xo.

A-M said...

oh Romana that is so precious! Happy memories! A-M xx

Anonymous said...

Certainly a keep sake photo and you are a great mum being so adventous. If next week has bad weather why not make dough dollies with the girls and then paint them.Regards Mama

Romana said...

Yes, certainly great memories to keep. Miss Chooken took her painting very seriously and kept refering to "our toddler problem" meaning Miss Sunshine. A great morning :)

Thanks for your comments!

sinnlighet said...

l o v e l y, your blog!!

Agneta from Sweden

Beach Vintage said...

Keeping kids amused in times like this is hard I know, how fully this photo is though.