Monday, March 16, 2009

Latest purchase

A painting.

I was lucky enough to recently purchase a large water-colour by Dutch artist Gerrit Zaagsma. Ger is my fathers cousin and Ger's brother brought some of Ger's works to Australia for my aunty to sell in her gift shop. Ger paints mostly landscapes, canal-scapes and villages, capturing the change of seasons in Holland and more recently Burgundy, France.

I particularly adore Ger's work for his moody skies. My dodgy photography skills do not do this painting justice, but the canal is a beautiful almost indigo colour, and I can't decide if the sky is threatening darkness or offering the hope of light.

Read more abour Ger here or see much more of Ger's work here.


Catherine@Simply Natural said...

I love big moody sky artwork and photography! Great buy Romana.

Lauren said...

so pretty.. you have me CRACKING up right now about the petting zoo!!! hahahaha