Friday, February 27, 2009

Room for the weekend...

I originally saved this image for the gorgeous console display, the collection of silver candlesticks is simply stunning without being all up in your face.

After a second look, I love the entire look of this little corner - the white and grey palette, simple curtains.....yummy!

I hope you get to snuggle up somewhere this pretty over the weekend!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Joke of the day

Finding Nemo is a big hit around this household and in particular I love how Marlin (the dad clown fish) finally finds his sense of humour by the end.....this is his piece de resistance near the movie close...

Marlin: "So, just then, the sea cucumber looks over at the mollusc and says "With fronds like these, who needs anemones?"

Miss Chooken has her own version...

Miss Chooken: "So a sea urchin goes up to a mollusc and says "Why do you eat poo?" (insert hysterics of laughter here).

No idea where she got that from...scary really :)

And just for fun, coming soon to a cinema near you, Nemo 2:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Train them young...

Me: "Guess what is on television tonight?"

Miss Chooken: "What Mummy?"

Me: "Better Homes and Gardens."

Miss Chooken: "Ah! Mum, that warms my heart! It makes my heart beat with love!"

(Where do they get this stuff from???)

So, it got me thinking...I may have hope yet.....

Better Homes & Gardens reader by 5,

Real Living contributor by 15,

Vogue Living Editor by 25?????

hehehe ;)

Better stop transferring my own fantasies onto my children (Parenting 101, right here @ Under the Pepper Tree, lol).

Weekend Rest

Cig Harvey Photography

Have a lovely weekend all!
I am taking a couple of days off to spend some quality family time (and catch up with some house work, yawn) before the new semester starts.
See you in a few days!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lounge Room Dreams

Image source unknown

I dream of refreshing our lounge room and have been collecting inspirational images to try and define what I want to achieve. I still have some decisions to make, but here are some of my ideas.

Colour Scheme

Image source unknown

I would love a fresh yet cosy palette of colours. I am leaning towards combing my two favourites, blue and green. Currently our lounge consists of two sofas, a 2 1/2 seater and 3 seater, covered in a dark blue. I dream of white or off-white slip covers, but am worried that my children are not yet at the "white sofa stage".

Lauren Liess - Pure Style Home

I guess there are two trains of thought with this: if you have white covers, you will always see the dirty finger marks etc, but if they are slip covers you can clean them to keep that fresh look. If anyone has any advice in regards to having slip covers made for their sofa (what material, choosing an upholsterer etc), I would love to hear from you! The main accents would certainly be blue and green - I think they look fab together. I would have to have some pattern in the cushions and possibly be a bit bolder and get an armchair covered in a more eye catching fabric.

Absolutely Beautiful Things

These from ABT are gorgeous, although I would search for one with more blue/green accents (with just splashes of other colours for fun).

I desire an ottoman for our coffee table, preferably with some magazine storage underneath. Covered in either a solid green or green dominated pattern, it would offer another chance to add some colour if I go for white slip covers on the sofas.
Image source unknown

This was the first image I found of an ottoman that would suit our needs. A firmly padded top with room for magazines or books underneath. This size and shape would also work well in our room - slightly rectangular and not very high.

Although Mary has positioned these as more stools than coffee tables, the same idea could be applied to a centred main table. I like the button tufting and am more taken with the white base than the dark wood in the first image. Mary's ottoman just needs to be the size and height of the coffee table behind it and I would be happy! I am also loving her choice of cushions - the color and patterns.

If I went down the bespoke route for our ottoman, I would certainly consider this fabric. I have quite the obsession with it. Could you see it as a large ottoman cover or would it be too much???


Our lounge room is entered immediately within the front entrance. In hindsight, I never knew how much this would annoy me - it gives you very little room to create either a) a welcoming and decorative entrance, or b) a practical utilitarian space, with room to dump keys, bags, mail, etc. However, one must work with what one has! The front door and a large window dominate the northern side of the room, with walls on the eastern and southern sides, and a short wall on the western side. The short wall is also along the main path from front door to the rest of the house, so I don't want too much protruding furniture in this area. If we planned on staying in the home for the long term, I would place a decorative fireplace here as it is the perfect position and size for a character adding fire. However, while we debate that possible addition, it will make a great transition area, with room for an attractive console table.
Chinese butcher's table, Wisteria
The advantages of a console table in the position are two fold. Initially it can act as a spot for a catch-all. I would choose a console with drawers, perhaps a drawer for each family member?


Catherine compiled a fantastic post on console options, here is my favourite:

Home Beautiful via Simply Natural

Alas, no drawers in a trestle table.

Secondly, it would provide the perfect vignette location, offering a chance to create a welcoming display of either mementos and props, a photograph wall or perhaps a great mirror to help reflect some light around the room.

We currently have our sofas positioned in front of the northern window and against the eastern wall, and due to the gorgeous northern sunlight we receive, we are happy with this layout.

Pottery Barn

What do need is a corner table between the sofas, in addition to the ottoman I described above. I am also loving the rug. I guess I would be thinking green or blue stripes or possibly a white and tea combination. This rug of course would be wonderful...

Something's Gotta Give house via Cote De Texas (one of the definitive posts on this house!).

We definitely need to review our options to house the television though. It sits against the southern wall,so is visible from the front door. I want something I can close the doors on, but that is not too bulky or awkward to use. I know hubby will not like the idea of covering the TV, but there are times when I just want it hidden away, so you can truly focus on the company and conversation ;).

Stanley Furniture for Coastal Living via Daisy Pink Cupcake

I am open to either white or possibly green dresser-type cabinet/armoire. If I went white, I would be after something with a slight country feel to it, without it getting cutesy. If we went with a colour instead, I would be interested in assessing some more eclectic options, maybe a slight Asian feel?

To help create a cosy feeling, I want to find some low and open sitting options to fit on the western side of the ottoman/coffee table. Possibly two stools - not the first choice of seating, but an option that provides some extra seating without physically or visually encumbering entering the sofa area.

There is also a corner near the front door which could provide an area to sit and remove shoes or hang a school bag/hat. It would have to be small, so I am thinking a small bench seat with either a lift-up lid or drawers underneath for storage. Above would be some hooks and shelf.

This shelf with hooks would be great and would be straight forward to recreate.

Atlanta Bartlett via Pure Style Home

So there you have - a whole heap of ideas that I would love to incorporate into our lounge room given the time and resources. Like most things, it is a project best achieved over time. If I manage to achieve any of these elements, I will be sure to share with you all!


(Also, there were a few images I didn't record a source for - if anyone knows those sources, please speak up as I would appreciate acknowledging the owners/stylists etc).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Knock, knock...

Hubby returned home at nearly midnight and said I had a friend waiting to come inside. I looked out and saw this waiting on my front door mat!


I am a country girl and have seen/shooed/caught/squashed my fair share of creep-crawlies, but this one was freaky!! I know it is hard to gauge the scale, but those wood chips that had blown in from the garden are nearly as large as a 50 cent this mama is about as large a spider as I have ever seen.

If anyone knows what species of spider it is, I would love to know. It is definitely not a Huntsman, as I am quite familiar with them.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Another way to help

The clean-up is only just beginning, the grief and loss still to be dealt with. With 100% of all funds raised through the Red Cross Victorian Bush Fire Appeal to go to the victims of this tragedy, it is certainly a worthwhile and trustworthy means to make a difference to those affected.

Check out the latest way to show your support - the Chesty Bonds Singlet with the Red Cross slogan The Power of Humanity.

Only 2000 have been made, with 1000 available on-line and the other 1000 available through NSW and Vic. stores. Money well spent I say.

Go Here to purchase yours now.

Metallic Monday

Image Michael Alberstat for Canadian Family magazine via PoppyTalk.

I love this idea for a whimsical note-board!
How cute to finally make use of a family piece or turn an op-shop find into something decorative and practical!
No need to alter the tray, simply string wire tightly behind both handles. Plain silver magnets and magnetic bull-clips let the tray and miscellaneous notes take pride of place.
I think this would look great in a country kitchen or could add a touch of character to a contemporary stainless steel dominated kitchen. Also a great idea for an office area or bedroom. What do you think?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Soak

Cig Harvey Photography

This most certainly looks like a way to soak away a couple of hours!
I have not been blogging this week - the Victorian bush fires left me feeling sad, disappointed, despondent...certainly struggling to find the funny side of things or beauty in the home images that I normally do.
But, I had a lovely Valentine's Day - we did nothing! Cue hubby helping with extra housework, being cheeky all day and then giving me a gorgeous massage....heaven for this mama!
So I will be back revitalised this week - I hope to see you around!

Monday, February 9, 2009

How to help


If you live in Adelaide, please visit the 5aa website for details of how and what to donate to the Victoria Bushfire Appeal. All goods will be going to those affected by the fires - practical goods that are needed immediately to provide clothes, bedding, toiletries and toys for those who have lost everything.

5aa Bushfire Appeal

There are lots of drop-off points across the city.

Tune into Amanda Blair's 5aa (1395AM) 1-4pm weekday slot for more details.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A pretty garden

I am fortunate enough to still have a grandmother in good health, who absolutely enjoys having a social life. Every year she hosts a large gathering of family and friends, many of whom are musicians. It becomes an absolute music extravaganza that I adore attending. These are some shots of the garden that Miss Chooken took while we were at the most recent gathering.

The "music party" lasts for 3 days, with guests coming from all over South Australia, Victoria and usually some from overseas each year. At any one time, there are about 80-100 people floating around and relaxing in the shade.

I told you that my Opa owned the Gnome book - well here are the two main characters from the beautiful illustrations. The best sort of garden gnome!

Everyone sits under the veranda, pergola and in the garden to enjoy the food, wine, music and company for the weekend.

Most of the musicians are fold musicians, playing everything from Celtic, bluegrass, country and bush music. We either camp in the large back yard, stay with family and friends in the town or book out the local motels.

Looking back towards the pergola. This year was the 19th year my Oma has hosted the party. The weekend began as a 40th wedding anniversary for my Oma and Opa, and they thought they would invite some of their folkie friends. We are hoping that she has the stamina to hold just one more, to mark the 20th anniversary of her wedding day and the memory of her husband, my Opa, who we lost a few years ago. Before he passed away, Opa told Oma that "The music must go on".

Love you Oma!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Haircutter's Equation...

One 4 year old girl
one pair of scissors

Lots of locks found on the bathroom floor,

an emergency trip to the hairdresser,

who could only salvage so much.....

I really thought her bob haircut was short enough...apparently not.

But Miss Chooken likes it...kinda.

I should have seen it coming - many a doll lately has been to the "beautician".

I have two distinct memories of hair cutting at the same age.
1. Hiding behind the brown couch with my sister, "trimming" her hair.
2. Getting the Barbie curler stuck in the hair of my neighbour and cutting out a chunk from the top of her head. Her mum was furious with me. Sorry Sarah.

I hope Miss Chooken does not have similar aspirations ;).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When a tree just does not suffice...

I received this email today and it was too cute not to share. I believe it originates from a family in Maude (Victoria?) an area which has been experiencing a heat wave like us in Adelaide. They just offered the little fella a bucket of water and he couldn't resist a dip!

For any overseas reader - this is not normal koala behaviour!! I have personally seen one koala drink from a creek when I was working in a very isolated area of the Adelaide Hills,but this little guy obviously needed a bigger cool down :). I hope it survived the heat.

Thanks Trudy for the email, I loved it :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Soak

I adore the simplicity of this bathroom. Lovely shaped tub, simple planter stand for more texture and colour, telephone faucet, the sash windows and simple window treatment.
My soak may have to be in tepid water - I'm not sure I could handle any hot baths right now. As I speak it is a cooler morning than the past week, but I can feel the temperature rising. Oh well, it can not last forever...I hope!

We struggled with the first back at Kindy for Miss Chooken, and Miss Sunshine has not been impressed at having to play so much inside. Very restrictive for a near-2 year old!

Wherever you are, I hope you are coping as best you can with the heat (or storms in northern Australia). Have a lovely Sunday :)