Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ideas from the past

While out op-shopping I stumbled across a copy of a late 1980’s Country Living hard-cover. Wow! What inspiring photos! Sure, there is plenty that is either quite dated or just not really my taste, but there are plenty of images that just sing to me. Here are just a few:







So many of the elements appeal to me, worn timber, scrubby paint, texture from woven baskets. I guess the styling is dated, but apart from that, I can see many of these images in Country Style today!

What do you think? Too dated, or something to inspire?




Anonymous said...

So country,homely and welcoming. I think these pieces are timeless and say so much about a welcoming home. To me definitely not too dated. If something is a masterpiece in its own right it never goes out of date.Who would not like to sit around the country table eating pieces of warm pie with locally grown fruits and thick lashings of cream whilst sipping tea or coffee

A-M said...

Oh no I don't think they are too dated. Rustic and timeless! Just gorgeous. I love rifling through old magazines too! A-M xx