Thursday, May 28, 2009

Steal the blue

I have already shared some of the gorgeous images from Country Living, but I have to post some recent inspiration along the blue lines.

From Brown Button… stunning hydrangeas, one of my favourite flowers. I could put a few uses to that cute shed too!

The Lettered Cottage… coffee table repurposed from an old school desk. Love it Layla!

From a lovely post by Catherine at Simply Natural (via Absolutely Beautiful Things).

Via Sarah’s Fab Day (source unknown), reminds me of Layla’s redo (above), with a great rustic mirror above the table.


And from the Country Living coffee-table book:






A perfect tone of dirty pale blue. Would look great with a brighter splash of red in it to set off the colour.


I had recently been thinking of cinnamon when I came across this one,


One of my favourite images from the book, all similar toned drawers, wooden pails, utensil crate and even the rolling-pin. Love that dirty blue colour!



The scrubby cabinet was on a porch, stocked ready for afternoon teas – how nice! Great wicker basket holding dried hydrangeas too.


The door and console both were painted with milk paint, the console with a black undercoat.


And it doesn’t get much more loved than this little fella,


So, what is your favourite image? Does a bit of blue do it for you?




Lauren said...

so many beautiful pics!!! i think my fav is the first unknown one you have & i think it's a room by darryl carter- absolutely LOVE it!!!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Lovely images. So inspiring! I love a good dose of blue! My favourites would have to be Layla's coffee table and also the 'unknown' pic. Been looking at your older post and that Country Living book was a great find! Have a great weekend!

Beach Vintage said...

All these images are so inspiring. Thanks for visiting Beach Vintage and leaving a lovely comment. Your blog is beautiful. I have added you to my roll!

Millie said...

I so enjoyed this post Romana! The blue console table from Sarah's Fab Day appeals to me the most. And that gorgeous mirror placed on its top is true perfection.
Millie ^_^

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

I love that first image with the hydrangeas in the background. Beautiful selection and lovely post :)

Room design studio said...

Romana! this might be my favorite post in this whole month!! I love this color and you did a great job collecting inspiration from all around!!

edeenut said...

I just stumbled across your blog. It's lovely, so much to drool over. I love all the inspiration photos!