Thursday, May 14, 2009

“Mum, I need a dangle”. “Huh? What?”

Can you guess what Miss Chooken wanted?DSCF1892

Yes, that’s right. She wanted to be a student graduate with a cap and tassel. (The black thing is a cardboard cut-out, the blue feather is her tassel.


I hope Miss Chooken doesn’t pose like this in any graduation photos!


Miss Sunshine wanted to join in and put a tea-towel on her head.

Yes, this is my entertainment in the evenings :)


Anonymous said...

Oh how gorgeous and creative.You certainly do have two lovely girls and you are a wonderful mum in encouraging their creativity and imaginative play-Mama

Millie said...

You wait Romana - it will be in a blink of an eye & you'll be sitting watching Miss C. actually graduate with a real 'dangle' on her head! The time with your kids just flies when you're having so much fun.
Millie ^_^