Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 Resolutions and Plans


Hmmm, time to think about resolutions and plans for the coming year. We certainly have some plans we will be working towards - resolutions are a bit harder for me, lol.

I have decided to keep the resolutions simple.

#1. Complete 4 more subjects of my second Bachelor Degree.
#2. Consistently plan meals for each week and stick to it.
#3. Have a 15 minute clutter-bust each night once the girls are in bed.
#4. Ensure dishes are done each night (I hate waking up to a benchload of dishes, ugghhh!).
#5. Make more couple time for me and hubby.
#6. Make more time for me to spend how I want.
#7. Drink more water.
#8. Get more than 4-5 hours sleep a night.

All pretty self-explanatory. #5&6 will require me finding a trustworthy baby-sitter and budgetting for them. We don't have much family in our city, certainly not many in a position to help with baby-sitting duties. So, it is time for me to find someone outside of the family who I can trust with my girls. Any advice re. looking for a babysitter is very welcome, so leave me a comment :)

As for plans for 2009...

#1. Sort out my laundry (re-paint, replace washing machine, hang tumble-drier on wall, install some shelving, maybe change internal door to a bi-fold to create space, change external door with a window in improve ventilation).

#2. Redecorate Miss Sunshine's bedroom. Miss Sunshine will be moving out of her cot soon, and I am planning to redecorate her room to co-incide with the bed-move. I want another power-point installed in her room also. Apart from that, it will be cosmetic changes.

#3. Finally get our walk-in-robe organised. Some sort of shelving, please!

#4. Shelves put in half the girls robes.

#5. Put veranda out the back of our living room. Probably the biggest job to do....

#6. Move computer/office into the spare room. Will need desk, shelves and drawers. Definately got some inspiration for this room, but will take some hunting around. Computer-desk currently in living room near our kitchen, but I would love this space converted to a walk-in pantry-fridge area. Will see what happens with that, but definately achievable to move office area into spare-room.

#7. Hubby will finish a small retaining wall, which I can then plant out to cover a very ugly fence. Will also get a water tank put there (maybe by winter?!!??).

#8. Paint our living room.

This list will be refered back to throughout the year to remind me to keep focused on what we want to achieve!!!

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