Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flowers in my garden

A male zucchini flower.
We don't have a big flowering garden...but Miss Chooken has been growing some vegetables and fruits in pots (with the help of her dad, Nanny and myself).

Female zucchini flower.

Strawberry - so pretty.

There is one hiding - not for long though!

Cucumber flower - no fruits yet.

Tomato flowers.

Not quite ripe, but a nice size.

Will probably pick this one tomorrow!

Finally- the neighbours' geranium that grows over our fence - and I don't mind one little bit! The fence is so ugly and the geranium looks so sweet forcing it's way through and over it. I keep meaning to take some cuttings as apparently they strike very easily. And Miss Chooken loves to pick the flowers :).

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