Sunday, December 21, 2008

Metallic Monday

What an awesome sink! Brushed nickle sink with chrome faucets spied on Country Living. I think this take on a farm-house sink would be at home in both country, industrial and contemporary styled kitchens. I love it here contrasting with the sash windows, dark timber cupboards and ceramic jug holding beautiful hydrangeas - *heart* it!


Kimberlee said...

Merry Christmas Gorgeous! - LOVE your tree, reminds me of the fresh ones we used to have as kids, oh the memories.

hope you have a beautiful christmas with your family. xxx

Romana said...

Thanks Kimberlee, I really wanted the girls to have a tree like I used to have as a child :)

A-M said...

Oh it's just gorgeous. I purchased a sink for our soon to be kitchen yesterday, when I was supposed to be buying Christmas presents. I would have loved a sink like the one you have posted but my cabinetry would not support it. I did buy the Oliveri Titan - a large rectangular sink - to be undermounted.... sort of simple but will fit in with my Hamptons style kitchen - cost price too! Have a lovely Christmas. A-M xx