Thursday, January 15, 2009

Desk Inspiration

Blog land has been inundated with images of office and work spaces recently - I guess the beginning of a new year has many of us renovating and looking for inspirational spaces. I guess I have been looking for ideas for not just a desk, rather inspiration for an area in which I can study, file, write letters etc. I don't have a whole room to devote to a study unfortunately, rather a nook in our guest bedroom. We need to keep it a guest room as we often have hubby's parents and my mum stay for weekends. So a neat, presentable study area in the guest room will have to suffice.

Here are my inspiration images so far.

I have about this much room to work with (!!!) so I have to fit as much workspace and storage in as possible, without it being cluttered. Impossible -hmm, maybe. I am hoping uniform colours etc will help minimise the cluttered look.

An antique secretary like this would be lovely (something you can shut the lid on!), but my budget wont go this far. I actually inherited one off my dad, but in my foolish youth (oh, about 3 years ago, lol), I gave it back to him. Silly, silly me. Maybe he doesn't need it after all????

Love the old school feel of this set-up. Almost looks like someones father rigged-up the shelf between two cupboards, but the set of small drawers match the timber of the cupboards, so maybe that is how it came?? I guess the modern equivalent of the small drawers are cardboard photo boxes, which I am sure I will be making use of to hold study paraphernalia.

Love the idea of utilising filing cabinets as a desk base under a desk. The turquoise colour is gorgeous too, although it wouldn't co-ordinate with my room. A soft pink or white would look great, but I am hoping to have a go at something more like this:

Obviously the effect wouldn't be quite as fabulous as this 4 drawer stack, but it would liven up even a small filing cabinet. I believe Mary covered her set in an enlarged photocopy, but I have seen the same idea achieved with wallpaper and also painting a stencil. Not sure which route I will take yet.

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Emma's Designblogg

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source unknown

Laurie Reynolds via Habitually Chic


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A-M said...

Oh these are all sooo gorgeous. I too am looking for something little for me to put in the corner of the study, that is really going to be hubby's work environment (he works from home and needs room for meetings etc). I love the antique secretary. Give ebay a try. I have seen some gorgeous ones on ebay in the past. The first picture is also a lovely little nook, very simple table with groovy shelving. Have fun and good luck! A-M xx