Friday, January 23, 2009

Does your partner cook?

For the 1st time in their 3 year marriage, a wife asked if her husband would mind making the next day's lunches for them both.

Obligingly he agrees.

The next morning, the young wife asks her loving husband, 'Where is our lunch honey?'

He replied, 'I placed it on the second shelf of the fridge. My lunch is the one on the left, and yours is on the right'

Have a look at the photo... LOVE IT!!!

(from the email folder)


Anonymous said...

I loved the resume comments. As all of the owners of the bloopers would say, I knew what I meant to say. None the less, if we can start the day with a smile we are well on our way to having a good day - Ma Ma

A-M said...

MY hubby laughed out loud at this one! Brilliant! I have a non cooking husband. He asks me to look at the pot and says things like, "is that boiling"? A-M xx

Romana said...

That's right - we need to have a laugh when we can!

I am pretty lucky having a hubby who does some cooking - pretty good at a roast, shepherd's pie and meat&veg. Can't see him packing me a lunch though!

simpleman said...

This is hilarious! haha

Mariafer said...

How fun, that is my husband for sure!!!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

This made me laugh! Whenever its Mr HB's turn to cook, its unfailingly something round with cheese and toppings and comes through the front door in a cardboard box.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, hubby would soooo do that!