Thursday, January 1, 2009


Well, we are off for another unplanned week away and I am so looking forward to it! Here is my Sleep-in Sunday just a few days early - what a retreat this room would be! A few too many pillows for me personally, but I love the large trunk giving a hit of colour and a rustic quality to the refined room, the bed frame has lovely proportions and I could just sink into the couches for an afternoon read of a long ignored novel....sigh!
I hope you got a sleep-in on New Year's Day - I was awoken by Miss Chooken who had already "packed" her bags for our trip, so cute. So I am now off to do some real packing and organising. Will pop in if I can while I am away from home.


A-M said...

Beautiful room.. I have saved it in my bedroom file! Have a lovely week away! A-M xx

Romana said...

We will! Thankyou! And I hope no more 5am problem solving for you A-M!