Friday, February 27, 2009

Room for the weekend...

I originally saved this image for the gorgeous console display, the collection of silver candlesticks is simply stunning without being all up in your face.

After a second look, I love the entire look of this little corner - the white and grey palette, simple curtains.....yummy!

I hope you get to snuggle up somewhere this pretty over the weekend!


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Catherine said...

Hi Romana.
You are indeed correct - I do live in Adelaide! I had my seat cushion loose covers made by a great upholsterer - St Morris Upholstery. They are on Magill Rd. I simply took a couple of my cushions in to them(bottom and back) and they made up the covers for me. I didn't need one for the frame of the couches, because I they came with the couches when I purchased them, so you would need to enquire if they do that too.
I didn't shop around, simply because I've used them before and I trusted them to do a good job.
The fabric I used is Warwick's 'Washed California' in chalk, which can be washed (as the name suggests). I couldn't be more happier with the results!