Friday, February 20, 2009

Train them young...

Me: "Guess what is on television tonight?"

Miss Chooken: "What Mummy?"

Me: "Better Homes and Gardens."

Miss Chooken: "Ah! Mum, that warms my heart! It makes my heart beat with love!"

(Where do they get this stuff from???)

So, it got me thinking...I may have hope yet.....

Better Homes & Gardens reader by 5,

Real Living contributor by 15,

Vogue Living Editor by 25?????

hehehe ;)

Better stop transferring my own fantasies onto my children (Parenting 101, right here @ Under the Pepper Tree, lol).


Millie said...

Oh just so cute Romana - & yes, it's just fine to have such wonderful dreams for our kids! I was hoping I'd get at least Orthopaedic Surgeon amongst our tribe of 5 boys, so I could get my knee replacements done on the cheap, but it's not to be!
Millie ^_^

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful little girl. You are certainly doing all the right things in bringing her up. I hope in the near future she can come and visit and enjoy my garden,chooks,sheep, calf and goats To put a freshly laid warm egg against ones cheek is an awesome experience for a young person, to feel the rough tongue of a young lamb or calf and the gentle nuzzling against you is something that is also memorable. I hope Miss Chooken can share these experiences with me in the near future.Regards Ma Ma

A-M said...

Oh your girls are as cute as cute can be! My 11 year old boy just loves Better Homes and Gardens and he's as boyish and rough and tumble as they come. He loves the landscaping projects and Fast Ed's dishes... and he wants to be a Surgeon....go figure! A-M xx