Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Soak

I adore the simplicity of this bathroom. Lovely shaped tub, simple planter stand for more texture and colour, telephone faucet, the sash windows and simple window treatment.
My soak may have to be in tepid water - I'm not sure I could handle any hot baths right now. As I speak it is a cooler morning than the past week, but I can feel the temperature rising. Oh well, it can not last forever...I hope!

We struggled with the first back at Kindy for Miss Chooken, and Miss Sunshine has not been impressed at having to play so much inside. Very restrictive for a near-2 year old!

Wherever you are, I hope you are coping as best you can with the heat (or storms in northern Australia). Have a lovely Sunday :)


Anonymous said...

Yes,so hot for so many people.My advice is not to fight the heat.Eat cool icy poles.Put your bathers on and hop in and out of the bath.Play games with squirty water bottles.Eat fruit that you have put in the freezer.When it cools down outside in the evening sit outside and enjoy it.Talk to the kids about the cool breeze and the wind in the trees and the clouds in the sky and have a wine or a tinnie with your hubbie whilst the kids have iceblocks or cool drinks with fruit or umberalls in the glass

Romana said...

I like your thinking!!!

Millie said...

Hope you are managing in this never-ending heat Romana. Yes, it must be very 'challenging' having to cope with penned in kidlets. The bathroom image is a delight, mine looks like a demolition site at the moment - more of that next week!
Millie ^_^

Catherine said...

Hi Romana. This bathroom is so gorgeous, restful, love it.
You know, I did something rather silly. I put your blog in my internet favourites, and kept going back to check, but what I had done was accidently saved a particular post as a favourite, "time to hit the books", so I kept thinking that you weren't writing on your blog anymore because you were busy studying! Now I have lots of post to catch up on!
Hope you and your family have been coping well in this awful Adelaide heat. I'm looking forward to Sunday - 25C, how wonderful!

Romana said...

Catherine - I have done the same before too, silly me! It's great to have you back checking out my blog occasionally - your blog is certainly on my blogroll :)