Friday, February 6, 2009

A pretty garden

I am fortunate enough to still have a grandmother in good health, who absolutely enjoys having a social life. Every year she hosts a large gathering of family and friends, many of whom are musicians. It becomes an absolute music extravaganza that I adore attending. These are some shots of the garden that Miss Chooken took while we were at the most recent gathering.

The "music party" lasts for 3 days, with guests coming from all over South Australia, Victoria and usually some from overseas each year. At any one time, there are about 80-100 people floating around and relaxing in the shade.

I told you that my Opa owned the Gnome book - well here are the two main characters from the beautiful illustrations. The best sort of garden gnome!

Everyone sits under the veranda, pergola and in the garden to enjoy the food, wine, music and company for the weekend.

Most of the musicians are fold musicians, playing everything from Celtic, bluegrass, country and bush music. We either camp in the large back yard, stay with family and friends in the town or book out the local motels.

Looking back towards the pergola. This year was the 19th year my Oma has hosted the party. The weekend began as a 40th wedding anniversary for my Oma and Opa, and they thought they would invite some of their folkie friends. We are hoping that she has the stamina to hold just one more, to mark the 20th anniversary of her wedding day and the memory of her husband, my Opa, who we lost a few years ago. Before he passed away, Opa told Oma that "The music must go on".

Love you Oma!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Romana.Once again you and Miss Chooken have truly captured the moment.Brings tears to my eyes. Ma Ma