Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Haircutter's Equation...

One 4 year old girl
one pair of scissors

Lots of locks found on the bathroom floor,

an emergency trip to the hairdresser,

who could only salvage so much.....

I really thought her bob haircut was short enough...apparently not.

But Miss Chooken likes it...kinda.

I should have seen it coming - many a doll lately has been to the "beautician".

I have two distinct memories of hair cutting at the same age.
1. Hiding behind the brown couch with my sister, "trimming" her hair.
2. Getting the Barbie curler stuck in the hair of my neighbour and cutting out a chunk from the top of her head. Her mum was furious with me. Sorry Sarah.

I hope Miss Chooken does not have similar aspirations ;).


Anonymous said...

She must have had a good go at it!
Not to worry at least she is too young to be self-conscious about it.


Millie said...

It seems to be a rite of passage for sisters Romana. Mine did the same to me over 45 years ago & I still haven't forgiven her!!
Millie ^_^