Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lounge Room Dreams

Image source unknown

I dream of refreshing our lounge room and have been collecting inspirational images to try and define what I want to achieve. I still have some decisions to make, but here are some of my ideas.

Colour Scheme

Image source unknown

I would love a fresh yet cosy palette of colours. I am leaning towards combing my two favourites, blue and green. Currently our lounge consists of two sofas, a 2 1/2 seater and 3 seater, covered in a dark blue. I dream of white or off-white slip covers, but am worried that my children are not yet at the "white sofa stage".

Lauren Liess - Pure Style Home

I guess there are two trains of thought with this: if you have white covers, you will always see the dirty finger marks etc, but if they are slip covers you can clean them to keep that fresh look. If anyone has any advice in regards to having slip covers made for their sofa (what material, choosing an upholsterer etc), I would love to hear from you! The main accents would certainly be blue and green - I think they look fab together. I would have to have some pattern in the cushions and possibly be a bit bolder and get an armchair covered in a more eye catching fabric.

Absolutely Beautiful Things

These from ABT are gorgeous, although I would search for one with more blue/green accents (with just splashes of other colours for fun).

I desire an ottoman for our coffee table, preferably with some magazine storage underneath. Covered in either a solid green or green dominated pattern, it would offer another chance to add some colour if I go for white slip covers on the sofas.
Image source unknown

This was the first image I found of an ottoman that would suit our needs. A firmly padded top with room for magazines or books underneath. This size and shape would also work well in our room - slightly rectangular and not very high.

Although Mary has positioned these as more stools than coffee tables, the same idea could be applied to a centred main table. I like the button tufting and am more taken with the white base than the dark wood in the first image. Mary's ottoman just needs to be the size and height of the coffee table behind it and I would be happy! I am also loving her choice of cushions - the color and patterns.

If I went down the bespoke route for our ottoman, I would certainly consider this fabric. I have quite the obsession with it. Could you see it as a large ottoman cover or would it be too much???


Our lounge room is entered immediately within the front entrance. In hindsight, I never knew how much this would annoy me - it gives you very little room to create either a) a welcoming and decorative entrance, or b) a practical utilitarian space, with room to dump keys, bags, mail, etc. However, one must work with what one has! The front door and a large window dominate the northern side of the room, with walls on the eastern and southern sides, and a short wall on the western side. The short wall is also along the main path from front door to the rest of the house, so I don't want too much protruding furniture in this area. If we planned on staying in the home for the long term, I would place a decorative fireplace here as it is the perfect position and size for a character adding fire. However, while we debate that possible addition, it will make a great transition area, with room for an attractive console table.
Chinese butcher's table, Wisteria
The advantages of a console table in the position are two fold. Initially it can act as a spot for a catch-all. I would choose a console with drawers, perhaps a drawer for each family member?


Catherine compiled a fantastic post on console options, here is my favourite:

Home Beautiful via Simply Natural

Alas, no drawers in a trestle table.

Secondly, it would provide the perfect vignette location, offering a chance to create a welcoming display of either mementos and props, a photograph wall or perhaps a great mirror to help reflect some light around the room.

We currently have our sofas positioned in front of the northern window and against the eastern wall, and due to the gorgeous northern sunlight we receive, we are happy with this layout.

Pottery Barn

What do need is a corner table between the sofas, in addition to the ottoman I described above. I am also loving the rug. I guess I would be thinking green or blue stripes or possibly a white and tea combination. This rug of course would be wonderful...

Something's Gotta Give house via Cote De Texas (one of the definitive posts on this house!).

We definitely need to review our options to house the television though. It sits against the southern wall,so is visible from the front door. I want something I can close the doors on, but that is not too bulky or awkward to use. I know hubby will not like the idea of covering the TV, but there are times when I just want it hidden away, so you can truly focus on the company and conversation ;).

Stanley Furniture for Coastal Living via Daisy Pink Cupcake

I am open to either white or possibly green dresser-type cabinet/armoire. If I went white, I would be after something with a slight country feel to it, without it getting cutesy. If we went with a colour instead, I would be interested in assessing some more eclectic options, maybe a slight Asian feel?

To help create a cosy feeling, I want to find some low and open sitting options to fit on the western side of the ottoman/coffee table. Possibly two stools - not the first choice of seating, but an option that provides some extra seating without physically or visually encumbering entering the sofa area.

There is also a corner near the front door which could provide an area to sit and remove shoes or hang a school bag/hat. It would have to be small, so I am thinking a small bench seat with either a lift-up lid or drawers underneath for storage. Above would be some hooks and shelf.

This shelf with hooks would be great and would be straight forward to recreate.

Atlanta Bartlett via Pure Style Home

So there you have - a whole heap of ideas that I would love to incorporate into our lounge room given the time and resources. Like most things, it is a project best achieved over time. If I manage to achieve any of these elements, I will be sure to share with you all!


(Also, there were a few images I didn't record a source for - if anyone knows those sources, please speak up as I would appreciate acknowledging the owners/stylists etc).


A-M said...

OMG how did I miss this wonderful post. You first image is the picture I originally took my stair guys. I don't know the source either? Domino perhaps? Isn't it fresh and bright! I too love blue and green combinations but I am leaning towards just blue and white with maybe a tiny pop of green. I love the idea of a neutral sofa so you can add the colour in the cushions too. Love that ottoman - have not seen one with a shelf before. I love all your console ideas too. Keep us up to date with what you decide! A-M xx

Willow Decor said...

What a wonderful post!! I also loved Joni's post on Something's Gotta Give. But, don't miss Linda Merrill's post from Surroundings on the same topic-If you love this house it is a must read!!

beachbungalow8 said...

Beautiful blog and a lovely post. I pulled several of these photos for the files.

You might be interested in hearing Beth Rubino speak on the Skirted Round Table this week, she's pretty awe inspiring.