Friday, April 17, 2009

The Easter Hunt

Miss Chooken was very concerned that the Easter Bunny would not know where she was for Easter, or that Miss Sunshine could only eat nut-free eggs.

After many reassurances, and a long count-down to Easter ("How many more nights mummy??), Easter Sunday arrived. Luckily, the Easter Bunny knew that we would be doing an egg-hunt at my sister's apartment. Here is Miss Chooken on the trail. She spied a bunny footprint (he sure has big feet ;) ).

Miss Chooken brought her hand-made bunny ears all the way from Adelaide to wear on the egg-hunt, along with the egg basket she decorated at my sister's (thanks Jess!).

Miss Sunshine needed a little extra help to find her eggs, but luckily Easter Bunny had left some on the lawn.

Many thanks to Uncle Ray for helping Miss Sunshine decorate her basket! (He has a great eye for colour combo's, no??? :)

The girls got to show-off their findings to their Opa (my dad) and his partner Annie.

The egg baskets even made it home on the plane. The girls got lots of looks boarding the plane with their baskets in hand, but I had nowhere else to put them! So carry-on luggage it was!
Thanks to Jessi, Ray and the Easter Bunny for making such an excellent egg hunt!

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Anonymous said...

How lovely, it is memories that the girls will truly remember for many years to come - Mama