Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is nice...

I am loving two things about this image (spotted on Camilla At Home).

Firstly, it is nice to see black wooden chairs with the traditional table. I have gotten a bit over seeing white chairs (either a traditional chair or juxtoposition with a contemporary chair) with every wooden dining table. Set against the fresh white walls keeps the feeling light and airy but there is more depth to the room.

Secondly, I think the overall feel of the room is helped by the two-tone wooden floors. I have been loving either painted white floors or ebonized flooring lately, but this image has reminded me how nice natural tones can be.

I also like the general nautical fell to the room, although it does not feel at all"themey". I'd lose the whales on the wall though :s (are they whales??).



A-M said...

Gorgeous. I love black accents and yes the floors make it! A-M xx

Ann said...

Oh what a lovely image of a dining area, so fresh looking, laid back and spacious, a bit country yet with a beach house vibe too.