Saturday, April 18, 2009

Give me a slap on the back of the head...

Seriously, I feel like a twit.

Please picture one slightly frazzled mama chasing her two year old and four year old around the supermarket, trying to keep them on task.

"Miss Chooken, you grab the bread. Miss Sunshine, help me grab a cucumber. Remember girls, we are only here to grab 4 things! OK, let's grab the milk and paper and we are out of here!"

(Said girls are running up and down aisles, Miss Sunshine laughing at random old men, Miss Chooken walking backwards and singing at the top of her lungs).

We make it to the newly installed self-serve check-out area and as a reward for nearly getting through my housework I grab the nearest copy of Real Living.

Miss Chooken starts scanning our items while I try to restrain Miss Sunshine from taking them out of the bright orange re-usable bag,

"Please replace item in the bagging shelf"

says the automated register chick, thinking I am trying to pinch something.

(note to self: make some nicer looking shopping bags soon).

OK, all good, we get out of there with my sanity surviving, collect our trusty Jack Russell from her veranda post and we head home.

Poor dog is going blind and gets scared half-way across the road and just stops.

She wont. move. an. inch.

Frantic shouts at Miss Chooken to wait on the over side of the road while I desperately try to shield the stroller and Miss Sunshine from on-coming traffic and work out how to pick up the dog, not drop the shopping and push the stroller to safety.

Car stops for me to pick up dog, we make it across safely. I think dog may need to see a chiropractor as my initial frantic attempts to pull her across the road surely dislocated some vertebrae...or maybe just her ear (lucky the collar wasn't too tight).

We get through the front door and after sorting the girls out with a drink and snack, I sit down to peruse my little literary reward.

Then it hits me....

This magazine looks a little familiar.

A little too familiar.

Like I bought it a few weeks ago familiar.

There goes my $6.75.

There goes my hour of guilt-free relaxation time.

So, sorry April edition of Real Living, you are off to the spare room closet along with the two County Living November editions I bought last year (yes, this is not the first time I have done this).

So another magazine I will hide from hubby....and I don't have that many hidey spots left.

But that is a post for another day.



Anonymous said...

What a great tale, you should send it to lifes like that and win a prize. You truly have a great way with words and visually describing a situation. Never stop. I think this is one of your many gifts - Regards Mama

Millie said...

Oh Romana I'm so happy you wrote this story! I've done the same twice this year - MOTH would kill me if he found out! Ah the memories of supermarket shopping with the kids, now I only have MOTH to drag around & keep away from the sweets aisle.
Millie ^_^

Kimberlee said...

oh too cute Romana - I've done it too, don't worry! They need Mags Anon or something! - i can just hear your giggle and head slapping now on realising what you've done - i remember it well, good old Boarding house days! x