Thursday, April 23, 2009

Memory Lane

Sometime ago my mum passed on old copies of various magazines for me to peruse. It is great to see when trends first came on the scene, what trends are still around and what have disappeared. I thought I would share some of my favourite images from Australian Country Style ala June 2005. I guess for me, these are the sort of images that are classic and timeless.

A simple palette of cream, white and  grey allow the simplicity of a cast-iron bed and wooden chair acting as a bedside to shine through. And so it is in all the images- simple palettes of colour, texture through wood and simple furniture = bliss for me.









Don’t forget to close the gate!



source: Aus Country Style June 2005


Anonymous said...

Oh those magazines, they truly are treasure troves filled with so much inspiration, i think country style has been my bible for many years. Hopefully we can pass them onto our grandchildren, if only our lifestyles could continue to remain so simple - Mama

Fabulously french said...

I love magazines, I hate throwing any of them away.

I love the photo of the bed with the mosquito net - very dreamy!

L x

A-M said...

So classic and timeless. I can't wait to unpack all my magazines, after we move, and have a trip down memory lane too! A-M xx

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

I love rooms that 'age' well! I was looking at a 1993 Home Beautiful today - not so timeless!