Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Metallic Monday

Yes, I know it is two days late :)

Here is a metal (tin or zinc maybe?) trunk I picked up a while ago...for the mighty sum of $10.
I thought it would make a good toy box, but it is a little deadly on fingers. Hubby plans to install a gas-hinge to make it safer. The quilts in the background hanging over the girls sofa were made by an aunt and a long-time family friend - perfect for afternoon naps :)
At the moment I set up some toys on it each night for the girls to play with in the morning so that the toys boxes don't get tipped out totally before 8am ;). Little People are the favourite recently.

Cute hey?


Kimberlee said...

$10???? jealous! Brilliant buy x

Romana said...

it was the ticketed price, so I didn't even try bargaining, very happy to pay that!