Friday, March 6, 2009

Did I mention she is walking???

Oh yes she is!!!
Miss Sunshine turned two in February and decided to start walking in her birthday week!!
In the past week or so she has gained so much confidence and is now turning corners, doing 180's, even taking on some obstacles (read: toys spread all over the floor). Walking is the new black in Miss Sunshine's world, crawling is old-hat.
We are simply estatic.
We did not know when Miss Sunshine would walk, due to her Global Developmental Delay. Already it has changed her perspective on games to play, challenges to tackle and mischief to get into.
A pair of pants may even last longer than a few weeks now! Seriously, she was crawling the life out of her clothes and shoes!!! I am already planning her winter outfits - I think she will be wearing a lot of skirts and dresses, as I very rarely dressed her in them previously as it was just not suitable for a rolling and then crawling bubba. By winter 2010 she may be trying out potty training, so this is my chance! I see lots of cute tights, pretty shoes and bouncy skirts. Miss Sunshine already loves clips in her hair and a hand-bag on her arm, so I think we may have lots of fun this autumn and winter. Finally, my appreciation of sports photographers has grown ten-fold - I can't seem to get a good action shot of Miss Sunshine walking!



A-M said...

Oh the little darling. She looks so pleased with herself. You must be bursting with pride. She'll get up to lots of mischief now that she is more mobile! A-M xx

Millie said...

Don't worry about the photography Romana, she literally jumps out of this pic! What a treat for you all & most all for the gorgeous Miss Sunshine. A huge milestone, which I trust you all celebrated accordingly. Wonderful news to finish my week.
Millie ^_^