Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday already???

I can not believe it is Friday already, when I just seem to have finally wrapped my head around the week!
My mum is visiting for a few days and it will be lovely to spend some time with her before she flies off to see my sister and her soon-to-be-here bubba.
Mum and I are planning a little outing on Monday to the Adelaide Cup, where we are very excited to see my uncle's horse run in the main race! Go Bradstar and go Uncle Vince!
I would love to pack the girls their snacks in a lunch box as cute as this one! First spotted on Precious Style, the 1950's tin lunch box would make my girl's day! Alas, the bright pink "Littlest Pet Shop" back-pack will have to suffice.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Millie said...

Have a lovely Long W/end Romana - & may you have a big win with Bradstar!! The champers is on you if your horse comes in!
Millie ^_^

Catherine said...

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and good luck at the races! Great excuse to put on a glam frock.