Monday, March 16, 2009

Metallic Monday

Well this tub certainly takes the cake! Do you like or no?

Not actually sure if I like the look of it.....I am still undecided on the whole open bathroom fad. Sure, there is no shower screen to scrub and no getting accosted by a sticky shower curtain....but I just see a whole lot of mopping up to do. Even perfect drainage would not prevent me from spreading shower water from the back wall to the bathroom door.

I think it actually boils down to my fear of falling over on slippery surfaces.

I do not dive. Not because I can't (although there is not much dolphin-like style involved in my attempts). I just have a horrible fear of slipping at that crucial moment of transferring your momentum from a earth-based location into an air-based flight. Blame it on too many episodes of Funniest Home Videos, but the fear of slipping, cracking my head open or worse, getting my foot stuck in the hand-rail that surrounds most pools, stifles any inclination to launch myself at the flirting depths of blue.

My second fear is slipping over in the bathroom. You know, being found el-nudo after cracking your head on the sink/toilet/bath. There is no doubt I will be investing in all-round safety-rails in my bathroom once I turn 60...or 50...maybe even 40 (oh god, that is only 10 years away).

Don't laugh!

Bones get brittle as you get older you know!

So, tell me, have you got an open bathroom in your home or have you used one before? Is it as messy as it appears?

Jacon Termansen via Desire To Inspire

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A simply inspirational blog.

Love to you, and to Jess & new baby.

Love Becky McCaul