Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday!

Hooray for Friday!

A very quiet week here @ the Pepper Tree. We are finally recovering from a big day at the races on Monday (my uncle's horse ran 5th), Miss Chooken losing her voice for a few days, my sister finally welcomed her baby daughter to the world (more on that next week!), and the general running around after two young children that leaves you breathless and brain-fried by 9pm each day.

I love this photo for the light and colour. I have an area off my kitchen that would be perfect for a breakfast nook like this. I would ultimately love to convert it to be part of the kitchen -proper, by moving our fridge and pantry here and building an island bench. But, that is a bigger reno than we can take on at the moment, so maybe getting rid of our ugly computer desk (ie, finally converting part of our spare room to an office area) and making a gorgeous casual meals area would be a nice solution. Hmm, food for thought :)

See you next week!


Image: Wohnidee via Daisy Pink Cupcake

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