Tuesday, March 3, 2009

He's a good dog

This is a tribute for my dearest friend who just had her beloved dog of twelve years put to sleep. Bundy was a gorgeous doberman, who was cheeky and had a great sense of fun. Bundy was gentle and loyal to his family and was a great mate for my friend for many years.

HE’S A GOOD DOG Fred Eaglesmith

He's a good dog.

I've had him for years.

He used to get up when I'd walk by,

Now he just lifts up his ears.

And he thumps his tail on the floor

When I talk to him.

When I talk too long,

he just ignores me,

And goes to sleep again.

He's a good dog.

I got him as a pup.

I tried to teach him all the tricks,

Then I just gave up.

'Cause he never acted very bright,

Though his eyes they've got this glow,

And I think he actually knows some things

That actually I don't.

And he never barks at strangers,

And he never barks at cars,

And he howls at the coyotes,

While they're howling at the stars.

And he scratches at the back door

Till someone lets him in,

Then he scratches at the other side

'Cause he wants back out again.

He's a good dog,

But one of these days

I'm gonna have to drive him into town,

And have him put away.

'Cause he don't hear that good no more

And he can't hardly walk,

But until then I look at him

And I say to him

He's a good dog.



Anonymous said...

This is sad news.The owners of Bundy probably did the most compassionate thing and i am sure he gave them so much love and pleasure,but it doesn't remove the pain they are feeling at the moment- Ma Ma

Kimberlee said...

What a beautiful post Romana. And a face and friend from years gone by, Please let Tammy know I'm thinking of her and her family after saying good bye to a beautiful friend xx

Romana said...

Absolutely Kim :)