Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christmas decoration inspiration

I recently saw this material over at ABT and was really taken by the colour and pattern. I have dreams of covering a couch in this fabric one day, and since hubby was in no way amused when I casually mentioned repainting our living-dining rooms (and I don't do major paint), I figured it may just be easier to find a fabric that works with our existing wall colour. Anyways,when I saw this it seemed perfect.
What does that have to do with Christmas decorations?? Well I am glad you asked! I then thought that by going with a green-white (maybe some silver for the glitter value) colour scheme for our 2008 Chrissy paraphinalia I will get the chance to really decide if I like that colour combo in our home! And cheaper than recovering the couch too. Good thinking hey?!?! Yes, me thinks so too. It is certainly not the deep green usually associated with Christmas, so I am guessing that finding ornaments may be a bit tricky. I will have to get quite organised and make some of my own decorations or really scour the shops or look through the near-by op-shops for some goodies that can be re-purposed for Christmas(or all of the above).
It will be a work in progress, so I will let you know how goes it over the next 5 weeks leading up till the big man in red visits.

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