Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Oh no, she has the polka dots mummy!"

Such were the words of Miss Chooken regarding the fine rash that has covered Miss Sunshine's torso front and back today. Apparentely it is the roseola virus that commonly affects children under 2 - a fever for a few days and then a rash.

She will be fine and luckily hubby is availble this week to run Miss Chooken to kindy and back as it is best to not take Miss Sunshine where there is young children (so no playgroup this week for her :( ).

Meanwhile, Miss Chooken has her own battlewound, as the (tiny) scratch inflicted by Miss Sunshine some days ago while "negotiating" over a toy and that desperately needed a band-aid, has now left a nasty mark from being left on too long. Good quality band-aids...just a 4 yo's insistence that she needed to wear it for a week and kept rubbing it into her skin to keep it sticking. Check out her look of complete misery....

Got to love kids worries!


Anonymous said...

Miss Chooken needs to be careful that the wind doesn't change!

Romana said...

Yes, for a very cheeky girl, she definately has the "woe-is-me" look down pat!