Thursday, November 20, 2008

A touch of green...

I mentioned here my burgeoning love affair with this shade of green, but I am really starting to find a lot of inspiration for how to include it in my home. It sure doesn't hurt when the images include my sort of styling too! Yay! for Nibs for sharing this one, it made my day :)

Seriously, how supremo is that bathroom??? Probably too "rustic" (read "ridiculous") for the hubby and I am sure my ole granddad would have ask why I was bathing the children in a cattle trough, but I *heart* it muchly!

The little kitchen nook is so sweet and rang a bell after reading about Kimberlee's penchant for indoor plants this summer over at the gorgeous Brown Button. I like the pots sitting in an old crate too, would look nice on a patio courtyard or veranda.

from designer Gudrum Sjoden via Nibs

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