Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tuesday chores

So Tuesday is shopping day in our house, so trying to actually put some thought into what meals to offer up this week. It is getting depressing trying to accomodate everyones varying culinary preferences....Miss Sunshine wont eat vegetables, meat or pasta, Miss Chooken wont eat vegetables, sandwiches or much red meat, hubby requires meals that he can either take to work or are not too heavy as he is on nightshift and so has his "breakfast" at evening meal time (try stomaching meat and veg as your first meal of the day). My preferences don't often get a look-in....but I am trying!

Plus, paperwork!!! For a SAHM I find it very difficult to find time to do my paperwork! If I get it out when the girls are around, they either distract me and I end up filling out the wrong information (lost count of the amount of times I have written our surname in the "given name" box and I recently checked the "female" box on hubby's info), or they just want to "help" (please note: do NOT let a 4 yo do your filing).

Anyway, whinge over, time to get onto it!

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Jessica B. said...

Aw you poor thing. I used to be a fussy eater, I'm slowly starting to appreciate what a pain I was to cater for! I really like your blog - v. cute. All the best.