Sunday, November 23, 2008

Metallic Monday

A lovely grape gathering bucket from Wisteria. I can also picture it being used to collect blooms from your own garden (or your neighbours' maybe!) and to display flowers in your own home. Wood collections can look a little strange during Australia's hot summers, but a weathered bucket holding a gorgeous bunch of flowers is a simple way to add texture and colour to a hearth in the warm weather. What else would you use this cute bucket for?


vicki archer said...

I would fill it with pine cones - because that is what I am collecting for my fires at the moment. I love filling buckets with them especially at Christmas time. Thinking Of Oz - maybe I would fill it with white or purple agapanthas. That is one gorgeous bucket, xv.

Romana said...

yeas, agapanthas would be gorgeous!hydrangeas too. And I love the pinecone idea for Christmas....I know where i can get some too! :)