Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend Forecast: sunny and mild with a chance of babies

Well, hopefully no babies - yet! On Saturday morning Miss Chooken, Miss Sunshine and I fly out to Sydney with Ma Ma (my mother) to spend a few days with my gorgeous sister Jessica. Hopefully our flight will be on time as I hope to help put the finishing touches together for her baby shower that afternoon! I am so excited to see my little sis again and her ever growing belly. I just feel for her partner who has been working overseas for an extended period and only returns this Thursday - less than two days at home and he will be over-run by chatting, giggling females playing absurd baby games like Sweep-stakes (guess the sex, date and weight), spit the dummy (ie. contest for longest distance dummy spit) and a nappy change race (who can get a cloth nappy on the "baby" - ie. Miss Chooken's Baby Born - the fastest). I definitely will not win that one...two little munchkins of my own, but I never attempted the whole cloth-nappy-and-pins mountain! Wish me luck!

It will also be Miss Sunshine's inaugural aeroplane flight! I decided she would be best sitting on may lap (oh god, did I make the right decision??!!), but I am desperately hoping there is a spare seat next to us in case she wants to wriggle a bit.....but that is unlikely on a Saturday flight I guess. We will see... Miss Chooken swears she remembers when she last flew, but that was nearly 2 years ago, so I doubt it. It was also traumatic for her as I flew alone (as in no other adults with us) and we lost her then favourite teddy at a stop-over at Melbourne. She hasn't mentioned that part of the journey, so I do not think she actually remembers the flight. More likely that Playschool's "What's through the window..." has left flight images with her! In readiness I have organised a "flight survival" bag, including new pencils, colour-in books, a couple of favourite stories and room for both girl's beloved teddies. It is a pretty short flight to Sydney from Adelaide, but I know young children just do not like to be told to sit still, don't talk so loudly, don't comment on each person sitting within eyesight.....and please, no fighting! So any distractions I can offer them to get through it uneventfully will be a good thing me thinks!

Ok, I am off to purchase the last of what I need to take over for the baby shower. It should be a lot of fun, great to see my sister and lovely to see her fella home safe!


Kimberlee said...

How exciting "aunty romana" - can't believe Jess is having a bubs! - have a fabulous time and good luck for the trip!! xx

pinkstilettos said...

These are the cutest little cupcakes. Love them! So adorable. Have a good time on your trip and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Daisy~