Monday, November 24, 2008

Bubbas, bubbly, beautiful!

Wow, what a gorgeous weekend! It was busy, it was fun, it was relaxing, it was memorable... all the things you like a few days with your sister and mother to be. Jess's baby shower was ssooooo much fun! Jess had a great group of friends who were into having a good time together even though we didn't all know each other is great when a new crowd get along so easily at parties, isn't it?

Miss Chooken keeping an eye on the cupcakes.

Party favours on the left.

Close-up of the party favours, which held a small bottle of cocoa-butter, a small soap, a blue and pink pen and also a pattern for a softie Jess made - all wrapped up in a face-cloth "nappy".

Playing the "spit-the-dummy" game (there were a few very good spitters!).

Our mum's turn at "Stick-the-dummy-on-the-baby" game.

Miss Chooken made great friends with little Sarah for the day!

Jess having a blast opening the gifts for her and baby.

Lisa showing one of the prizes we made or each game. Each prize was a baby's bottle filled with lollies and tied to a little bottle of bubbly.

Miss Sunshine had a great time.

Mum, Miss Chooken, Jess, Miss Sunshine - all recovering well from a busy weekend.

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Mariafer said...

What a celebration!!!
Beautiful pics..