Monday, November 10, 2008

Rainbow brights for your little lights of life...

Every child needs a collection of colourful crayons or pencils!

Go on a rainbow hunt together...

Read as many beautiful books together as you can beg/borrow/buy.

Hold hands whenever you get the chance (soon they will be a teenager and wont walk next to you!)

Let them colour in a door/wall of their cubby house (chalk is a good washable option).

Let them bring home their pebble collection, and tell them they can tell each pebble a special secret or that each pebble has a story to tell your child.

Let your little freckle wear a rainbow dress AND a rainbow hat to kindergarten at least once!

Thanks to Miss Chooken for the inspiration xx

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thevintagechair said...

So colorful! The day my brother got married, there was the brightest, most perfect rainbow any of us had ever seen. It circled the reception site and reflected off the water so beautifully. It made for lovely pictures too. Rainbows always remind me of that day now. Your little girls are so cute!